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Amplo Elevators is a company primarily focusing on product quality by producing almost complete raw material in-house, required for erecting and maintaining Lifts. Amplo Elevators is achieving by itself. Hence Quality, Facility and Infrastructure are not at all a problem.


We want to educate customers for their rights for safe travel, good travelling experience and value for their money without compromising on specifications for cost of application. We want to create a good atmosphere to travel with world class safety measures and quality installation.


"Trusted name in Vertical Transportation"

Above tag line represents our actual reputation and position in elevator market. Our proprietor is for last 25 years in this field. We have created and achieved the best position in this market on pan India level for last 15 years.

Elevator Types

  • According to hoist mechanism.
  • According to building height.
  • According to building type.
  • According to elevator Location.
  • According to Special uses.

1. According to hoist mechanism:

Elevators will be classified according to hoist mechanism to 4 main types as follows:

  • Hydraulic Elevators
  • Traction Elevators
  • Climbing elevator
  • Pneumatic Elevators

1- Hydraulic Elevators (Push Elevators)

  • A- Holed (Conventional) Hydraulic Elevators
  • B- Hole-less Hydraulic Elevators
  • C- Telescopic Hydraulic Elevators
  • D- Roped Hydraulic Elevators

2- Traction Elevators (Pull Elevators)

  • A-Geared Traction Elevators
  • B-Gear-less Traction Elevators
  • C-Machine-Room-Less Elevators

1. According to building height:

  • A- Low-Rise buildings (1- 4 stories)
  • B- Mid-Rise buildings (5 -15 stories) Buildings up to about (5 to 15) stories typically use Geared Traction Elevators
  • C- High-Rise buildings (15 + stories) Buildings up to about 15+ stories typically use Gear-Less Traction Elevators

3- According to Building Type

Elevators will be classified according to building type to 6 main types as follows:

  • 1. Hospital Elevators.
  • 2. Residential /Domestic Elevators.

A-Passenger Elevators.

B-Stairway Elevators.

C-Wheelchair Elevators on an Incline.

  • 3. Agricultural Elevators.
  • 4. Industrial Elevators.
  • 5.Commercial Elevators.
  • 6. Parking buildings Elevators.


We have four establishments of our own for manufacturing of

  • Elevator Controllers of all types
    We have supplied and installed MRL gearless motor controllers, Home Lift Controllers, Hydraulic Controllers, Geared motor Controllers up to G+31 floors (32 stops) up to 1.75 mps.
  • Electrical wire (Harness)
    We have ISI mark wire manufactured in-house. We have manufacturing ability of all type of wire required in Elevator field.
  • Mechanical workshop
    We are manufacturing of Door frames for collapsible door and swing door, Elevator Cabin with ceiling and Cabin frames, Counter weight frame, etc.
  • LOP and COP
    We have fully fledged facility to manufacture Landing Operating Panels and Cabin Operating Panels of all types, viz, 7 seg display, Dot matrix display, LCD display, Touch panels, etc.

All our designs of above products are totally indigenous and in-house. We do not depend on any external agency for any technology.

Our maximum capacity is G+63 floors (64 stops), up to 4 mps and 8 lifts in group. This capacity is comparable to any multinational companies capacity

We can provide all high end features provided by any multinational company.


We have total employee base of around 100 nos. We have Team of dedicated Engineers for new designs department and Service department to give prompt service to customer. Our technicians get hands on training in factory itself to avoid mishaps at site.

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